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At Calm Pipe™ we’re committed to supporting people who feel it’s time to make a healthier change. Our pipes simply use the power of your own breathing action to drive an air turbine mechanism inside the pipe bowl (no batteries or heating coils). It works by drawing fresh air through the pipe, into your lungs, while sending a smaller, targeted flow of aromatic air towards your nose. We craft beautifully unique NZ products to encourage healthier lifestyles and habits.

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A highly engineered NZ innovation, providing a healthy alternative to smoking, vaping, and better breathing.


Calm Pipe aromatics are made from natural nicotine-free food flavours and select essential oils.


Many people are curious to see how our Calm Pipes work before purchasing, so check out our guides.

About us

Enjoy a natural experience to support a healthy change. Years of work, consulting with our community, industry advisors, clinical aromatherapists and engineers have validated the need for an alternative. 

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  • Woodgrain Pipe


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  • White & Gold Paisley Pipe

  • Black & Gold Paisley Pipe


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  • Citrus Aroma Pods


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Proudly New Zealand made

Yes… we are a New Zealand made product. We believe it’s important to support New Zealanders so we’ve chosen experts across Aotearoa to supply various CP designed pipe components. Each pipe is handcrafted and engraved with a batch and patent number to represent its uniqueness. We work with businesses from Invercargill, Christchurch, Auckland and many towns in between.

There is no nicotine, no smoke, and no vape in any of our products... but we've made the call to sell our products to humans 18+

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