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Steady diaphragm breathing

Calm Pipe is a new product providing a healthy and deeply rewarding experience. Using the pipe encourages the act of deep steady breathing, helping to provide relief during times of stress. It also provides a physical cue, to combine the elements of mindfulness and meditation.

Powered by you

Calm Pipe uses the power of your own breathing action to drive an air turbine mechanism inside the pipe bowl. It works by drawing fresh air through the pipe while sending a smaller, targeted flow of aromatic air into your nose and smell glands.

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Safe to use around others

The aromas are personalised to the user, to minimise disturbance to others in close proximity. These benefits are an integral part of Calm Pipe, as it’s designed to be a pastime without fear or guilt.

All natural aromas

Our aroma solutions have been developed using high-grade natural food extracts, combined with essential oils, natural carrier oils and manuka chip to give you a wonderful pipe experience without harm.

Our story

Calm Pipe co-founders and directors, Scott and Heather Pearson are driven and dedicated to creating a healthy alternative to unhealthy habits. Years of work consulting with our community, industry advisors, clinical aromatherapists and engineers have validated the need to provide people with an alternative.

Calm Pipe is an option for people wanting to try something new without fear or guilt. We have created products that embody our company values… a beautifully natural experience to support people ready to make a healthy change.

We have learned it’s not just one or two people who turn something into a success… but a collective of individuals. As founders of a NZ start-up we are experiencing the intense amount of work that goes into making a dream a reality. We want to help by supporting NZ businesses and contributing to making our communities healthier. Our pipe and aroma pods are world-leading innovations created in Aotearoa – New Zealand. We are New Zealand made.

“Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini”
My success is not mine alone, as it was not the work of one, but the contribution of the collective.
-Māori Proverb

Our Environment

Our pipes are not yet compostable (we’re working on it), however, our aroma pods and packaging are home compostable. Our starter kits come with a reusable aroma pod tin that we encourage you to use when your out and about with your pipe.

There is no nicotine, no smoke, and no vape in any of our products... but we've made the call to sell our products to humans 18+

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