Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is it safe to use?

    Calm Pipe was designed to direct fresh air into the lungs through the mouthpiece with a separate flow of aromatic air directed towards the nose. We have worked with a clinical aromatherapist and have chosen aroma oils which are considered safe. We've recently had our pipes used through a quit smoking programme for pregnant women and our oils in each aroma pod have been designed for this purpose. The aromas are personalised to the user, to minimise disturbance to others in close proximity. It's a similar experience to smelling a cup of tea. These benefits are an integral part of Calm Pipe, as it’s designed to be a pastime without fear or guilt. Before use, we recommend reading the listed aroma pod ingredients to check for any allergens. Our pipes can also be used to encourage deep breathing without an aroma pod.

  • I’m not a smoker will I still enjoy the experience?

    Calm Pipe was designed to encourage deep breathing and mindfulness. It's a unique experience to support healthy habits including aspects of aromatherapy. Many people who have never smoked but want a cue to remind them to relax use Calm Pipe throughout their day. It can also be used before going to bed with our lavender and chamomile aroma pods and in the morning with our orange and cocoa pods. Some people wanting to use different aroma pods throughout the day, may choose to have two Calm Pipes so that there isn't aroma crossover between each use. This may be useful when switching between calming and invigorating aromas.

  • What is your return policy?

    We want to make sure that you can try out a Calm Pipe to see if it's right for you. We've made it simple to return your products for any reason. If it isn't the solution for you, just let us know via email (info@calmpipe.co.nz) within 14 days receipt of the product and we will refund the price of the product once you have returned it to us. For more details read below and check out our Terms of Trade.

    1. If the Product is not defective, but it is not what was expected by you or you are otherwise dissatisfied with the Product and wish to receive a refund, then you should notify us via the contact information on our Website. Subject to clause 7.5 and so long as you have notified us of your dissatisfaction with the Product within 14 days of receipt of the Product, we will refund the price of the Product once you return the Product to us. You will be responsible for the delivery charges to return the Product to us and ensuring the Product is returned in packaging that is suitable to prevent any foreseeable damage during the delivery process.
    2. We will not be liable to replace a Product or provide a refund if the Product is damaged or defective due to improper use or alteration by the end-user, including where the end-user has failed to follow the instructions in the User Manual.
  • Is it expensive to use?

    We want our Calm Pipes to be accessible to people who need them or will benefit from the deep breathing action. This is why we made our price point affordable ($199). We've aimed to make the overall experience more cost-effective than vaping and smoking. Each aroma pod should last multiple days inside the pipe. A pack of 8 aroma pods cost $35 and should last an average user one month. Our VIP Crew subscription model is even cheaper at $29.75 a pack. This would mean that switching to a Calm Pipe ($199) and VIP crew subscription ($357) would cost a total of $556 for the entire year. Compare this overall yearly cost to smoking and vaping and it's a smart choice to make the change.

  • Is it like vaping or smoking?

    No, Calm Pipes do not use smoke, heating or batteries of any kind. It uses the power of your own breathing action to drive an air turbine mechanism inside the pipe bowl. Calm Pipes work by drawing fresh air through the pipe while sending a smaller, targeted flow of aromatic air towards your nose. There is no vapor cloud or smoke which means it can be used anywhere. Calm Pipes mirror the habit and ritual of a pipe without the negative health effects. It can be the perfect tool to use around friends and others who smoke or vape. It allows the user to join their community of friends and family without going back to experiencing the unhealthy side-effects of vaping and smoking. It can be used to help the transition from smoking and vaping.

  • Do Calm Pipe aroma pods contain nicotine?

    No, our pods do not contain nicotine. They are developed alongside a clinical aromatherapist and use high-grade natural food extracts, combined with essential oils, natural carrier oils and manuka chips to give a wonderful pipe experience without harm. Some people quitting smoking and vaping may choose to work with a specialist and combine a Calm Pipe with a nicotine patch. This is a good conversation to have with your healthcare provider.

    Note: Our cardboard pods use 100% cotton netting and manuka chips so they are home compostable.

There is no nicotine, no smoke, and no vape in any of our products... but we've made the call to sell our products to humans 18+

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